We have four full time instructors and three assistant instructors who are all experienced professionals in the operation and maintenance of mobile cranes and heavy equipment.

Craig BlatZ

Craig has been instructing with OETINS since 2008. He is our crane instructor as well as our former truck driver instructor and has been in the industry for 35 years.

Steve Harvey

Steve has experience with everything from crane operating and supervising, to repairing heavy equipment. As well as being an enthusiastic instructor, he gets to work on his other passion, maintaining the equipment.

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Dave Booker

Dave is our class 3 truck driver instructor. He's been training drivers for the past ten years.

RickEy ConrOd

Ricky joined the OETINS team in 2007. He specializes in teaching earth moving and motor grader courses. He's been in this industry for 36 years.

Deven Harvey

Deven is the most recent member of the OETINS team. His specialty: the art of heavy machinery.

duncan Walker

Duncan teaches the Mobile Crane course. He has 35+ years of experience in the industry.

Tim Purcell

Tim joined us in 2007 and handles all aspects of maintenance for crane operation and the earth moving course. He uses his 20 years of experience to assist the instructors in the field.

Rhonda Cox

Rhonda has been with OETINS as the Office Administrator since 2012. She solves all the challenges of the day-to-day operations and assists you through the training application process.